mending mana ya, punya dedicated server atau pake Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud?


Aplikasi buat generate t-shirt pesta blogger baru sample aja

sedang coba bikin desktop application xml-rpc kronologger [via API]

Jakarta hujan deras malam ini, jalanan macet.

Sedikit liputan acara fresh 2 kemarin

tumben, hari ini si monyet 7700 nggak kirim sms sampah

Jual tiket Laskar Pelangi, 2 kali harga normal *belajar jadi calo*

Here is the screen shoot

Situs Map Web 2.0 is Web 2.0 plus online reservation, visitor can add building, unique spots, transportation route etc. Those of 2 websites is building within one month and still developing currently days. i hope it would be awesome results

well i can’t say too much, you can go to and

here is my new baby, born on saturday, march 29 ,2008 at 22:23

Yes, I love to coding, even in holiday, I finally launching – Indonesian BlogNetworking Advertising, Maybe you ask, why you should develop something that have been exists…there are google adsense, adbrite, blogvertiser and many more, why building another ones ? you are not supposed to reinvent the whell.., buddy….. I dare to say that…not everything in market fulfill customer’s desire, there is niche that i can explore, I read some blogs belong to some of influence Indonesian Bloggers, Amir Karimuddin, Pitra Satvika ,Nukman Luthfie, Cosa Aranda, Budi Putra, SEOKita, Internet Marketing Indonesia, and many more.

It gives me insight that Indonesian Blogger probably needs a medium which is suitable for local market, Medium where Local Blogger and Local Advertising can meet and form Mutualism network. Local Advertiser needs a medium to forward brand’s messages, and blogger needs advertorial content for their blog. Based on what they have written on their blogs I build Indonesian Blog Networking Advertising. Here it is !!!

Thanks for my friends in Kronologger who has joined in very first day: Vavai, Donny, Iorme , Iman Nugraha, Amir Karimuddin , Hielmy , Vetamandra,
thanks for all , thanks for Amir Karimuddin for reviewing me 🙂

Happy New Year 2008 !!

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